What sets Gryphon Financial Solutions apart from others?

Simple – it’s unparalleled and unwavering commitment to our Advisors. We put the success of your business ahead of everything else. The level of personal service you receive from us is unmatched anywhere in the industry, and we have the expertise that you will quickly learn to depend on to build your “Relationship Selling” practice.

Of course, we know that you cannot build a company on customer service alone. That’s why we have fostered partnerships with the best insurance providers and can give you access to products that are of a higher quality and a higher value. We can assist with your marketing and can help to create powerful seminar presentations. Our passion is your success. You can trust in us because we know who our most valuable asset is you, the Advisor.

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    Soar & Roar 2015

    Galveston, Texas

    Coming off of the success of the 2014 Soar & Roar conference in San Diego, we are already planning the 2015 event!

    Contact Barry Slocum or Nancy Brunetti to share your ideas for next year's event!


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The Business in America™ program, developed and managed by Gryphon Financial Solutions, is the premiere resource for financial Advisors who want to work in the business owners market.

At Gryphon Financial Solutions, we recognize that our Advisors are also business owners. The strategies in Business in America™ apply not just to our business owner clients but also to Advisors’ individual practices.

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Why Choose Us?

Doing the right thing!

At Gryphon Financial Solutions, we take pride that we always do the right thing for our advisors and their clients.  Learn more about being part of the Gryphon team.

Better Compensation

While we know that there is more to life than getting paid the highest commissions, we seek to provide competitive compensation.  Our Cash Rewards program pays extra for high production, agent referrals, and innovative ideas!

Support to Grow Your Business

And there’s more to your success than just product solutions! We offer access to mentors in the field!  We have experts in practice management and business transition planning, as well as a life insurance sales guru who will come to your office to work with you on your cases!  Learn more about our coaches and mentors.

Marketing Support

Our newest offering is the Financial Safety Net Newsletter which is an electronic newsletter for our advisors to send to their clients.  We handle all the content and manage your mailing list.  This is a “must-have” for any advisor to reach to existing clients as well as a great tool to generate new leads and referrals!

New Calculators!

We are now offering new calculators to accommodate all of your clients’ needs!

About us

Our Brand Promise is ‘Responsive Solutions, Unwavering Integrity’. Gryphon Financial Solutions is an Independent Marketing Organization educating and training select financial advisors to deliver responsive solutions with unwavering integrity.     Learn more

Gryphon Financial Solutions is passionate about the long-term success of our advisors and their business owner and client families. It’s why we do what we do the way we do it. Success to us means more than the financial return. Of course financial growth is important but focusing solely on the bottom line misses the mark and diminishes true wealth. True wealth is about the richness of life, the relationships we build and the fingerprints we leave behind.